Deborah Ann is the founder of the monthly Mystical Psychic Fairs that have been around Pittsburgh and Wahington Pa. for the last six years. She is a Psychic Medium and uses psychometry and has been reading the tarot for over 29 years. She is also certified in Reiki, Angelic, and Science of Mind Healing. She has helped many people connect with loved ones from the other side and often has answered your questions before the end of the reading when you get to ask questions. She has done thousands of readings and is dedicated in helping everyone she connects with and helps them with their Spiritual Path. Deborah Ann is available for Parties, events and private readings. She can be reached at 724-348-8063 or 412-927-9679.
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Deborah Ann:

Deborah Ann

Kara has always had animals as part of her life. Kara seemed to be able to tell what the animals
were feeling and thinking all of her life. Due to her love of animals she became involved in
animal rescue and fostering dogs. A few years ago she was invited to study animal
communication and was she in for a surprise. Kara is a natural animal communicator and
animal medium. She uses these gifts to help others connect with living animals as well as
passed animals. Kara uses her animal communication skills to help owners understand and
bond with their animals better. She is a problem solver for pet issues and helps match available
dogs with their forever homes. She has also become involved with pet recovery efforts by
helping the owners/searchers know where animal is and helping guide the search effort. !
Since studying animal communication she has gone on to study Reiki and is a Reiki Master/
Teacher. Kara uses Reiki on animals as well as herself and others. She also has studied chakra
balancing and is certified in mediumship, Angel Card Reading and Angel Tarot Card Reading.
She is also a certified Angel Intuitive and a channel for Divine Guidance. She has also studied
the healing modality IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). !
Interestingly the loss of her family is what taught Kara that she is a medium. She works with her
family on the other side, guides, Archangels and Angels to help others see their path more
clearly. !
Each experience is varied and unique for Kara as well as the client and she never knows what
will happen…but that is part of the magic!


Kara Anthony

 Paul is a psychic, medium, past life regressions, and healer who has been studying the aura, chakras, metaphysics, and healing for over 25 years. He is a gifted teacher who has been teaching Soul Retrieval, Psychic Development, Auras, Spiritual Communication, Spirit Art, and Energy Healing.

Paul Meideinger

 Gypsy-Palm Reader, Intuitive, Certified Medium. I’ve been reading on and off for years and have a strong connection with feeling energy. I lead quite a busy life. But I like to set aside time in order to help people in various ways answering questions they have and connecting with the spirit world. I have a strong belief in my religion. I’m no fuss, no show, tell it like it is. I am noted to have good luck with numbers. Take a chance on me. Love to assist you in any way I can.



Mystic Sisters, Kathy Mystic Smith and  Mary Lou Mystic Shinsky, are gifted Psychic Mediums dedicated to anyone seeking confirmation , guidance, or healing from their spirit guides.​​
The two have nearly 10 years of experience and use their gifts to offer clarity  and guidance. They have extensive training in the areas of tarot,  psychic mediumship, intuitive counseling, chakra cleansing,psychometry, and automatic hand writing.
During your reading with the sisters ,they will use these tools to help tune into your current life situation and offer insight and guidance.They will connect with the loved ones that passed and offer you understanding, clarity, and awareness.  By providing a meaningful connection with loved ones from the other side , their reading foster the sense of fullfillment and completion for which we all long.
The Mystic Sisters are available for private consultations as well as large functions and parties. Phone 724-797-4151


Msytic Sisters

Santina Grace is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, intuitive psychic-medium who has utilized her gifts since childhood. From an early age, she has communed with her own spiritual guides and crossed over loved ones. 
Santina is an intuitive reader who offers Psychic Readings, Aura Readings, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Communication. A session can use any or all of these methods to provide a holistic, integrated approach that match your needs and interests.


Beth Patton
Intuitive Psychic-Medium
Beth Patton is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, intuitive psychic-medium who
has utilized her gifts since childhood. From an early age, she has communicated
with her own spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed.
In 2012 and 2013, Beth had several near death experiences due to a heart
related issue that heightened her gifts. She is certified in Archangel Card
Reading, Oracle Card Reading, spirit Communication, Psychic mediumship and
is a Reiki Master.
Beth is an intuitive reader who offers Psychic Readings through card reading and
spiritual communication when possible. A session can use any or all of these
methods to provide an integrated approach that match your needs and interests.
Archangel Card Reader Instructor: Nancy Hayward 9/10/2017
Oracle Card Academy Foundation course Instructor; Ros Place & Udemy
Psychic Mediumship development course Instructor; Melanie Rimkus & Udemy
The Talking Dead - Basics of Spirit Communication course Instructor: Stacey
Tellitsch & Udemy 2/6/2018
Usui Reiki Master Teacher Instructor; Shannon Nicole 11/05/2017
Graduated From The Center of Excellence with a Distinction honor. 12/20/2017
Continuing Professional Development Certificate of Wicca Diploma 12/20/2017
Is a Silver member with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists since
The Endless Journey                                                                                                                                         Debbie’s Heavenly Scents ( / facebook;
Debbie’s Heavenly Scents).
Thank You in advance for joining me on this spiritual journey, contact me to
schedule an appointment! Available for Parties too!
My web address is
My Facebook is Raven Si

(412)-780-8689 or

Beth Patton

Ruth Lorena- Angel Card Reader/Reiki Master
As far back as Ruth can remember, she had a knowing of events, circumstances, situations and subtle changes in her environment that led her to developed her Claircognizance. People are drawn to her for assistance with their problems and she gives solid, Angel guided directions. Ruth has astute empathic abilities and an extraordinary sensibility that had led her to help her clients.
Ruth has fully awakened to her gifts and her journey into the healing arts. To better assist people to heal the light within, Ruth has studied multiple healing methods. Ruth is a practitioner of Magnified Healing®, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, Dowser, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. She is also an Akashic Records Reader, Certified Angel Reader by Doreen Virtue program, she has a great connection with the Angelic Realm.
Ruth is excited and grateful to put her gifts to the service of others and help them through their own personal journey.
For more information on Ruth Lorena and to schedule an appointment call 412-600-1269.

Ruth Lorena

Joseph is a Certified Reiki Master who, for 15+ years, has been communicating with those that have passed on, as well as using his God-given gifts to help others on their journey using tools like:
-Guided meditations 
-Reiki treatments 
-Tarot readings 
-Classes on using herbs and candles for healing 
-And more

Joseph Shahen

Bella 724-980-6010
I am a professional psychic and have enjoyed reading and helping people for many years. As a spiritual medium/psychic, healer, and light worker I speak daily with our Archangels and can help you connect with them. It is my hope you leave your reading with a sense of peace, calm, and understanding about your circumstance.
At this time in my life, my connection to the other side is very strong, however my gift as a light worker and healer is strong and steady. I enjoy sharing this light bestowed upon me to help those in need. I am truly humbled by each experience presented to me and thank the Universe for this awesome gift.
When I connect with the other side, most likely you will get a feeling I like to call “your hug from the other side” and there is no mistaking this feeling. My spirit guides are with me constantly helping me confirm my natural Intuition. Angel Cards and pendulum are used if you request or I feel necessary.
I am a published author dealing on substance abuse, a subject I hold close to my heart as I survived the experience with my son who is now 36. By the Grace of God and the Universe, my son survived, and so did I.
I am an ordained minister in the state Of Pennsylvania giving comfort to the families left behind to grieve no matter what the circumstance of the death. I am also privileged to preside over marriage nuptials in Pennsylvania.
I am honored and humbled to share my gifts with you. I do not take them for granted. I respect this awesome gift and choose to work, learn and grow daily to continue to serve.


Rebecca is an intuitive reader and psychic who has been studying the Tarot and numerology for more than 17 years. This is her first time at the mystical Psychic Fair. Stop by her table for some insight regarding life and love. You can contact Rebecca at readingsbyrebecca @​​

Rebecca Bandi

Lightworkers ​​

David Troutman will be giving Reiki Healings for a $20 donation that is given each month to a different charity.​​​​

David Troutman​​

John of God Healing Bed​​

Lisa Sefchok with John of God